“77” is the stunning result of a collaboration between Loic Guerin and Fabrice

Both French natives (respectively from Aix-en-Provence and Nice), the pair
met whilst working for Martin Gayle over six years ago before deciding to open
their own business.

“77” is located on a residential side of Notting Hill and is a perfect blend of
contemporary, sleek interiors with a homely feel.

The salon boasts black wooden floors, charcoal grey furniture and huge
mirrors on each side of the room, giving it a luxurious and relaxed

Guerin and Giordano proud themselves on building strong relationships with
their clientele and everyone visiting is in for first class service; attention to
detail is a must and their unique, friendly yet professional approach will make
anyone return.

Loic was trained in the south of France where he worked in trendy local
salons before moving to the UK whilst Fabrice was trained through Vidal
Sassoon in London.